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The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence welcomes original didatic or research articles relevant to physicians and scientists in the female urinary incontinence that have not been published before. It is a eletronic newspaper  published every six months. Will he accepted basic and clinic manuscripts about female urinary incontinence in portuguese , spanish, french or english languages. However the manuscripts sent in Spanish or French are translated to portuguese and english.

Manuscripts and queries should be sent to the Editors at :

J.L. Amaro and J.C.S. Trindade
Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu
Serviço de Urologia
Botucatu - São Paulo - Brasil
CEP: 18618 – 970

E – Mail : jamaro@fmb.unesp.br
Fax : 00 55 14 68020421
Phone : 00 55 14 68026271

Authors will be notified on receipt of their manuscript. All manuscripts will he reviewed by selected experts. Manuscripts are accepted for publication with the understanding that they become the permanent property of The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence and may not be published elsewhere without the written permission of the Edithors of The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence.

The Editors assume that articles emanating from a particular instituition are submitted with the aproval of the requisite authorities, including all matters pertaining of human studies.

Statements and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Editors of The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence.


Please submit the original and three copies of the manuscript. All copies should be double-spaced, on 8 ½ x 11 inch write paper with 1 ½ inch margins on all four sides. The manuscript should also be submitted on a 3,5 inch diskette with the title of the manuscript. Diskettes may be labeled with the title of the manuscript. The text can conform to acceptable English, French, Spanish or Portuguese usage. The expanded form of abbreviations should be used the first time they appear in the text, with the abbreviation in parenthesis. The abbreviated form should be used thereafter.

TITLE PAGE : The title page should include: title of the manuscript ; the full name (s) of author (s) ; Institution where the work was executed. ; give the complete mailing address, business and home telephone numbers, e-mail address, and facsimile numbers of the author to whom correspondence should be directed.

FIRST PAGE : Abstracts should be in English , should not exceed 100 words and. Key words.

REFERENCES : References should be cited by superscript numerals and should not be alphabetized. References should include the names and initial of maximum three authors and when there are more than three authors, it must use et al. , the complete title , the abbreviated journal name according to the Index Medicus of the National Library of Medicine, the volume, the page number and the year, as follows:

Journal reference : THOMAS T.M., PLYMAT F.R., BLANNIN T. Prevalence of urinary incontinence . Br. Med. J., v.281, p.1243-7,1980.

Book reference : WALL,L.L., NORTON,P.A., DE LANCEY,J. A.L. Practical Urogynacology. Baltimore: Williams & Williams, 1993, p.127.

Chapter of books: Parsons C. L., Parsons J. K. Interstricial Cystitis. In: Raz S. Female Urology. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company, p. 167, 1996

Only references cited in the text should appear in this list.

ILLUSTRATIONS : Number illustration consecutively in their mention in the text. Illustration should be submitted on diskette in GIF or JPEG format accompanied by four sets of glossy prints. Illustrations will not be returned unless specifically requested by the author.

FIGURE LEGENDS : The legends should be typed double-space on a separate sheet of paper and numbered to correspond with the figures.


J. L. Amaro and J.C.S. Trindade
The Journal of Female Urinary Incontinence - Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu 
Serviço de Urologia
Botucatu – São Paulo – Brasil
CEP: 18618 – 970

E – Mail : jamaro@fmb.unesp.br
Fax : 00 55 14 68020421
Phone : 00 55 14 68026271